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Piranhas second Peel session, Poison Girls, Chaos, Dandies and more

punkdaddy writes: There's plenty for everyone to get their teeth into this month, kicking off with the Piranhas second John Peel session, recorded in the summer of 1979. The vile spectre of Margaret Thatcher and her henchmen comes to mind, but it still gives me great pleasure to say bollocks to all that and thank fuck we had the Piranhas - this was simply great stuff from the lads, who were at their very best on this Peel session. Boyfriend would have made a blinding single.

The Poison Girls and Dandies were right there at the beginning of the punk days, don't ask me why it's taken so long to get them on the site, but thanks to Simon Woolven (again) for all the stuff he sent in on these two outfits. I remember hiring out the Lillettemobile and our PA system to the Poison Girls for a gig at the Bombay Bar (Hanbury Arms) way back when. At the time they were the loudest band I'd ever heard and I thought my ears might bleed, it was deafening. Good PA though.

Simon also sent enough to build a page for Chaos, so that brings the current band count represented on this site to over 60. Thanks also to Jonnie (of the Lubes) and Chris Ford of Chaos for getting in touch with more contributions, follow the links in the section below. In your browser, refresh your pages to flush out last month.

Chris reckons Ed Shuffle wasn't in Chaos, though he has been credited on the cassette sleeve on the Chaos page. Maybe it's a combination of the passage of time, or just plain old memory loss. To clear up the confusion, will the real Ed Shuffle now step forward? And let's hear it one more time for Mrs T and her odious ilk. Up yours!

• NEW: Piranhas second John Peel session 17-07-79 - 4 tracks
• NEW: Poison Girls - new band page
• NEW: Chaos - new band page
• NEW: Dandies - new band page
• NEW: Midnight & the Lemon Boys - new photos
• NEW: Jonnie & the Lubes - photos, cuttings
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Above: Poison Girls singer Vi Subversa, check out their newly built band page
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