About The Dandies

Adrian • Vocals
Colin • Guitar
Michael • Bass
George • Keys
Max • Drums

The Dandies were a glam-punk band who were around right at the beginning of the punk scene in Brighton. Adrian was a sort of Bowie-esque frontman whose wild antics on stage were not quite what Brighton punters were used to in the days before punk. In Helen Reddington's (aka McCookerybook - the Chefs) excellent in-depth

book, The Lost Women Of Rock Tom Maltby from Wrist Action had this to say about the Dandies:

"We were the first punk band in Brighton and it was hard getting started . The Dandies were the only band that helped us so now we like to help these new bands that are getting going. We've played with most of them y'know..."

To find out more about the Dandies, download an interview with the band in 1st Avenue fanzine.

Review from Ripped & Torn fanzine in 1977:
"...rock n roll with smudged lipstick was flogged to deathby the late Marc Bolan and Ziggy Stardust but this band don't seem to care, I suppose it's all clean, decadent fun but it's too techno flash for my liking..."

Thanks to Michael Coates for sending in the photos and songs 'I Want To Be Famous' and 'Aint Like Me To Pray'.

The mp3's be found on the punkbrighton jukebox

The Dandies scrapbook

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