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"Back in April, former Nicky and the Dots frontman Nick Dwyer inquired about the whereabouts of a certain Blotto. Well, I am he, Blotto himself, bassist with the aforementioned Nicky and the Dots, Peter and the Test Tube Babies (briefly), the Corvettes, Karen D'Ache, the Soul Survivors, Global Village Idiot - the list goes on."

So writes the man himself in an email to this site. In those days, Dave 'Blotto' Williams was much sought after by other bands with his pumping, driving and melodious bass guitar playing. His engine drove the Dots and was the basis of their uniquely rhythmic sound.

Thanks Dave - you win yourself a t-shirt with the slogan of your choice for last month's best email! Click to read Dave's email in full. Click his image to go to Nicky & the Dots.

Piranhas featured in September Q Magazine
Johnny Black of Q magazine has written a piece on the Piranhas in his 'Where Are They Now' section. Look out for the transcripts of his chats with all the boys, coming soon to this web site.

Former right-hand man to Rick Blair at Attrix Records, Stuart Jones wrote and produced local fanzine Situation Butane back in 1980. He was also manager of the Chefs.

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Dave 'Blotto' Williams was much in demand as a bass player
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