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Nicky & the Dots - Psychokillers!

Local musician Jon Dann sent us this rare Nicky & the Dots sleeve from 1979. Sitting chatting, Jon told us about the Dots doing Talking Heads' Psychokiller in their set. And we agreed what a kicking version it was too. Nick up front was gangly and wiry, jiggling and crouching and doing little dances and he had a certain charisma, while Chris on guitar was a bit of a rocker on the quiet. Ken Hogg, drummer, solid accompaniment to Dave Blotto Williams rubbery and funky basslines. Topped off with Paul Clake's old Vox organ, it was a treat for sore ears.

Never Been So Stuck was backed with Linoleum Walk, another couple of gems it must be said. Like the majority of the Brighton bands featured on this site, the Dots were better live. "We all suffered from studios, or the lack of them- or engineers who didnt really understand the punk sound." said Jon.
To view the front cover of the Dots single click on the image.

The Dots' Never Been So Stuck/Linoleum Walk, single cover
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