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Archive October 2007

Nothing much to report this month, other than another funeral and the usual atrocities being committed around the world. The daily fare from Iraq, Darfur, Chechnia, the Congo, Palestine, Lebanon and now Burma - this could be the same news from 30 years ago. Let's hope that the nice brown Mr Brown takes us down a different road. An ethical foreign policy would be good for starters. But don't hold your breath.

This month we've got more free mp3's to download - we're featuring a couple of tracks from the late Jamie Barnard's band Special Patrol. His mum Rosie, formerly drummer with the Mockingbirds dropped in with a few tracks in the week and we have two of them available now to download for free. Jamie certainly was a talented young man, as these tracks will testify and who knows what he and his band may have gone on to achieve. It's now nearly a year since Jamie's untimely death, but you can still post a message of condolence and listen to his music by clicking here.

I met up again with Rosie at another funeral in late September, that of Steve 'the Chief' Mellaship, a big fan of the early Brighton punk bands, a close friend and a top geeza if ever there was one. A fantastic turnout at Woodvale, the chapel was packed to the rafters and Jon Dann's moving and heartfelt eulogy was met with a resounding ovation. He quoted a brilliant 'Steve-ism': "Don't worry about what I'm doing!" Hey Steve, adios amigo, we're gonna miss you, R.I.P.

There was a bright spark amidst all this gloom and doom when Dave from the CheesyBits sent us a morale boosting email saying there wasn't enough rudeness on this site and from what he remembers there was plenty back then, and of ourse he's fucking right. So come on, give it a bit of wellie. I know it's not original, but remember this? "arseholes, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks..." Dave also sent in a couple of free mp3's. To play/download GO

• The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March was set up in conjunction with PunkBrighton and Julie (and Stuart Jones) of Attrix Records, to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March Archive) and has been a huge success. If you have mp3's of your band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, keep sending them in. Thanks again to all who sent in WAVS, aiffs, wmv's and mp3's. Much appreciated. No doubt we'll be adding a few more next month, watch this space. To access a full size, fairly high-res printable jpeg version of our 'Make Your Own CD Cover' go to our July Archive.

• Meeting Joe Strummer at the Komedia, Gardner Street
Paul Hodson’s passionate punk comedy is about attitude, friendship and celebrity and is a celebration of the man who set the agenda for a generation.

Plus special guests The Clash tribute Night of Treason performing after the play
Komedia, Wednesday 17 October
Show 8pm - Doors 7.15pm
Tickets: £12
Box Office: 01273 647100
Gardner Street - Brighton

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