About the Mockingbirds

Harriet St.J • vocals
Den Woolmer • guitar
Julie Blair • keyboards
Hilary Bloor • bass
Rose Barnard • drums

Den was unusual in the sense that he was the only bloke in the band. He previously played for pre-punk outfit Laughing Gass.

The Mockingbirds music was bright, lively and quite melodic. Harriet's sexy vocals were backed up by Julie's keyboard riffs, augmenting a tight rhythm section with Den on guitar, Hilary on bass and Rose on drums.

They were a good fun band and did some great support gigs. Julie also ran Attrix Records and the shop with husband Rick.


Rosie Barnard | April 2006
Well hello. It's me, drummer of the Mockingbirds!  A neighbour told me about this website, amazing, pleased to see we are still alive. What about a reunion? Bestest wishes, Rosie

Rosie Barnard | April 2006
Great site, really brilliant to have my memory jogged, those days in Brighton were so free and easy, with loads of venues to see bands, no restrictions just good good music and a great laugh. Places like the Northern, the Alhambra, the Concorde, the Escape Club, the Art College Basement, the New Regent, and many more.

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Julie Blair, keyboards

Many thanks to Dave King for the ancient Mockingbirds tracks, pre- Harriet.
Vocals by Shirley Margerrison, guitar Neil McDonald. Find them on the jukebox


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