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Between 1977 and 1983 hundreds of UK bands put out their own records and tapes - on the cheap and without apology.

With DIY punk and all that came before it, collided with DIY's aesthetic of making and sharing music without concern for popular success.

There's no common style, instead the music is united by wit, enthusiasm, musical risk-taking and a conspicuous lack of pose.

Except for a handful of Mods, hardly anyone put out records on their own, so the best documents of South Coast postpunk were a handful of excellent local compilations - and a raft of barely-circulated tapes - that account for a majority of the tracks here..."

Chuck Warner, Hyped2Death"

D.I.Y. and (very) indie post-punk
from the South Coast 1977-81
Vol.1: Bournemouth-to-Brighton.

• 34 songs and a video

• 110 minutes of music

• 28-page booklet, extensively documented with histories, photos and artifacts

An amazing number of reviews for this album


Chuck Warner'a Messthetics
Sunday Times
Dusted Magazine
Spex (Spracken ze Deutsch?)
Word Magazine
Brighton Source (page 26)
Mick Mercer (pdf)

The Brighton contingent on the CD are The Vitamins, The Chefs, Poison Girls, Lillettes, April & the Fools, Objeks, Relatives, 3D, Joe Dash and Venus In Furs.

Available from most record stores and iTunes or download from Hyped2Death

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