About the Vitamins

Addison Cresswell • vocals
Michael Wilkins • bass
David Turvey • guitar
Carl Rutter • drums

Featured on Vaultage 78

Vaultage78 Review
John Wellington,
Brighton & Hove Gazette, Dec 1978:

"The youngest band on the Vaultage 78 album, with three members aged 18 and the other, Carl, just 17.

They were at school together at Falmer and have been playing for a year. Singer Addison is now an art student, Michael a bank clerk and the others are still at school.

The band usually play as a support act, but they have a lot of drive and produce exciting pop music. Their track on the album is about loneliness in the modern world." JW

Grant Boult | Feb 2003
I have just seen your site and can fill a few info holes for you as I look through. I was in the Vitamins after Addison left, as everyone was at my school, I was a year younger.

I had been in Chicane, the mod band, previously, and you can see our name sprayed in the Vault where we rehearsed to the left of your picture of Ken Hogg!

I then started a band called the Techniques with Luke Creswell, now of Stomp fame, also Addison's brother. We supported Martha and the Muffins, the Beat and the Comsat Angels, all at the Top Rank Suite. More to follow as I remember it. Best, GB

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