About Pookiesnackenburger

Steve McNicholas • violin
Sue Bradley • violin
Paul Clark • accordian
John Helmer • guitar
Nick Dwyer • sax
Luke Cresswell • percussion

Another jokey, quirky, slapstick band from Brighton. Formed from the remnants of various punk bands: Luke was in the Plague, John from the Piranhas, Nick and Paul from Nicky & the Dots and Sue Bradley from Reward System. Primarily a band of buskers, they later morphed into Stomp, who went on to achieve international success.

Or as one less charitable website put it:
"Awful early 80's retro-busker band from Brighton UK. No chart success but toured frequently, usually supporting anyone represented by a shit record label prepared to have this faggot dribble on as warm-up. Utterly puke-prompting augmentation of pooka or pookie as generic term of endearment. Grounds for divorce."

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