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Rain, Airtight Garage, Vaultage Sleeves + Free mp3's

punkdaddy writes:
Here we are then, ready to rock in to September. Hope the summer picks up, especially after my last front page 'The sun's rays etc' where my misplaced optimism seems to have put the kybosh on the sunshine. To make up for it we've got two more tracks from the BWE 'Youth In Asia' album (it's nearly all there now) and two more from the excellent Ammonites rehearsal tapes. We've had more than a few technical problems with some of the BWE tracks, let us know if you have any problems with them. As far as we know they are all previewing and downloading OK now. Behind the scenes poor Stu has been tearing his hair out...

Thanks to Bob Machin for sending in some stuff about the Airtight Garage Band. I've duly built a page, making it 55 bands on the site now. Bob was recalling some of the salient points from the punk days, one of them this: "...Not making it onto Vaultage 80 but Rick giving us a page in the calendar (November, if memory serves) as compensation (where is the Attrix Calendar, by the way?)"

Good question. Having scanned the entire calender, I've begun cleaning it up in Photoshop (my copy was very tatty and I had even put entries in it like Sept 5, Phil, dentist 11am) I shall remove all my personal crap of course before presenting a pristine, downloadable pdf. Watch out for that next month. Oh and Bob, Airtight Garage were featured in May.

Had another email from Smeggy, he of the Cheesybits and latterly the House of Cheese, his hilarious website. A man with a ready wit and a regular contributor to this site. Cheers Dave. Looking forward to more.

Also spent some time completely revamping the Vaultage Album covers pages, I wanted to make them more faithful to the original Attrix covers, see what you think. All the relevent links are in the section below. Up yours!

Birds With Ears Album: tracks 9 & 10 from Youth In Asia album + photos
The Ammonites: tracks 7 & 8 from a recorded rehearsal
The Airtight Garage: new band page + photos
Peter & the Test Tube Babies: new photo 'Elvii is dead'
• NEW: Vaultage Album covers given a complete design revamp
Vaultage 2008 'make yer own Vaultage CD' cover to download
Stuart Jones check out his many blogs, tons of freebies

• We're always looking to build new pages for Brighton artists and bands from the punk era (1976-81) If you aint included on this site, get online by sending in photos, cuttings, blurb, line-up, posters, mp3's etc. and we'll do the rest. I'm good to you lot. Click here to email us, or use the Feedback button

Above: The Airtight Garage Band check out their new page
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• The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March 2007 was set up in conjunction with Attrix Records to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March 07 Archive)
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