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The sun's rays, organics, carbon footprints plus more free mp3's

punkdaddy writes:
A few blistering days of late July sunshine has made it difficult to stay indoors slaving over a hot mac but hey, here it is, the latest front page containing not a few goodies for your delectation and delight, edification and perusal.

Apologies to Rob Struthers, who sent in some stuff on The Techniques, Rampage & D'Arc. It must have been a couple of months back at least and I've only just managed to post it on the site. I've been rushed off my feet soaking up the rays but I know that's a piss-poor excuse. You'll find all the links to the new stuff in the section below. As usual, we've got two more tracks from Birds With Ears album Youth In Asia and two more tracks from our ongoing Ammonites 'rehearsal tapes', which are mighty damn fine. Have a listen.

The addition of The Techniques now takes our total number of bands covered to 54. I bet you didn't even know that many existed. They did and there's still more to come. From the Ammonites to XL5, if you cant find your Brighton punk band here, you probably wont find them anywhere else. And if you do, send in anything you think we can use and we'll post it asap. If you have mp3's of your Brighton-based band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, keep sending them in.

Response has been phenomenal, with the result that we've posted eight new bands since January 2008. A big thanks to all you contributors, it's as much down to you as to me that keeps the site growing in this truly organic way - which is very trendy, though I ezxpect I have a fucking massive carbon footprint considering the hours me and my machines have put in over the years. But you know what, I couldn't give a shit. Up yours!

Birds With Ears Album: tracks 7 & 8 from Youth In Asia album + photos
The Ammonites: tracks 5 & 6 from a recorded rehearsal
The Techniques: new band page + photos & downloadable pdf
The Molesters: sleeve artwork from End Of Civilisation
Vaultage 2008 'make yer own Vaultage CD' cover to download
Stuart Jones check out his many blogs, tons of freebies

Horse & Groom Friday August 8th - Insane Society live on stage
+ Wag was DJ-ing songs from VAULTAGE ARTISTES ONLY. "It would be nice to see old faces in attendance" he said. Not many arses down there but a great night

• If you have mp3's/photos/cuttings of your Brighton-based band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, click here to email us, or use the Feedback button

Above: Ian Smith, two more tracks to download from Youth In Asia and new photos of BWE
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Jamie Barnard Special Patrol
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• The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March 2007 was set up in conjunction with Attrix Records to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March 07 Archive)
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