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Archive November 2007

Must say many thanks to Simon Spain, formerly lead vocalist with the Red Squares, who sent us some mp3's, posters and a short biog of the band. The tracks are Blue Peter and Cats and are free to download now. There's more posters to come, keep an eye on their page by clicking the image opposite.

We knew the picture (left) on the Red Squares page wasn't them, so who was it in the black and white thumbnail? Stuart thought it was probably the Exclusives. According to Exclusives's drummer Paul Bonham (on the right) it most definitely is. Cheers Paul.

As well as three free mp3's of the Red Squares, we've unearthed another track 'Nineteen' by Wrist Action. It's not a vintage recording but it is vintage Wrist Action, one of Brighton's most authentic but shortlived punk bands.

• The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March was set up in conjunction with PunkBrighton and Julie (and Stuart Jones) of Attrix Records, to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March Archive) and has been a huge success. If you have mp3's of your band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, keep sending them in. Thanks again to all who sent in WAVS, aiffs, wmv's and mp3's. Much appreciated. No doubt we'll be adding a few more next month, watch this space. To access a full size, fairly high-res printable jpeg version of our 'Make Your Own CD Cover' go to our July Archive.

Meeting Joe Strummer
at the Komedia Gardner Street
Wednesday 17 October

"Paul Hodson’s passionate punk comedy is about attitude, friendship and celebrity and is a celebration of the man who set the agenda for a generation. (Plus special guests The Clash tribute band Night of Treason performing downstairs after the play)

A good time was had by all, not least the two protagonists who recalled how they related to Joe Strummer and the Clash back in 1977 and 30 years on. Witty, perceptive and interspersed with clips of those seminal Clash songs. Night of Treason rounded the evening off downstairs with a stomping set. No pogo-ing in 2007 though, we obviously haven't got the energy!

• Wherever you see the headphone button throughout the site, just click to access the free mp3 download page. Some band pages also have an existing short audio loop.

Jamie Barnard RIP free mp3's to download

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