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Prior to the Lillettes playing the Royal in Guildford, the Surrey Daily Advertiser ran a headline IS BRIGHTON ROCK IN BAD TASTE? The Lillettes name was considered 'shocking'. The band were delighted! And of course the publicity ensured a full house and such a rocking good gig that the Lillettes were offered a Friday residency in place of the Piranhas, who had moved on to bigger and better things. To read the article in full, click on the Lillettes image.

In our March 2001 issue we announced the opening date for the launch of the Fashion & Style Gallery in the basement of Brighton Museum, as October 2001. Due to refurb work running behind schedule (Oi!), the opening day has now been confirmed as Sat 4th May 2002. Brighton's punk music scene from the late 70's will be strongly represented in a display of 'renegade fashion'. Get yourself down there, check it out.

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Mick shows 'em how it's done on the song Air Conditioning
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