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attrigroup attrixad attrixpc chefparr chefs
Band members and friends outside the Attrix record shop in Sydney Street, December 1979 Getting the message across, Attrix promotes it's stable of bands Poster for Attrix, the band New releases from Attrix Records Chefs EP out on Attrix Records
destroy dontvote dps dpscol featers
Local fanzine As relevent now as it was more than twenty years ago. No change on that score Alhambra nights, they were something else Fanzine cover featuring the Depressions after the release of Messing with Your Heart, their second single Ah, the Fleasheaters Ball on Hastings Pier, one hell of a gig
lillaba lillchic lilldodg lillgol miracles
Rock Against the Cops! - a benefit gig for victims of police brutality at Southall Community Centre Another Tuesday night gig at the Richmond Lillettes and the Dodgems gig at the Richmond, all proceeds went to a fund for Dave Bullock, the Piranhas roadie who was killed in a horrific road accident Local bands at the Richmond Benefit gig for the Resource Centre after the mysterious fire which all but wrecked the building