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New gallery to feature Brighton punk

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery is currently undergoing a complete refit and refurb, When it re-opens in October 2001 it will host the Fashion & Style Gallery, a comprehensive collection of memorabilia and fashion items from Brighton's early days to the present. Brighton's Punk music scene from the late 70's will be strongly represented, along with Teds, Mods, Hippies etc., in a display of 'renegade fashion'.

From computer terminals, visitors will be able to access interviews with local people from respective periods, listen to sound recordings, watch video clips and view photographs and images, and eventually connect directly to this web site. If you have any interesting punk memorabilia get in touch with us by e-mail. Click the feedback button.

We will keep you posted on any developments, make sure you get yourself down there in October to check it out.

Get yer old cherry reds out for the Fashion & Style Gallery
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