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This is a temporary home page while the entire site undergoes a complete overhaul and redesign. After 10 years it's about bloody time! More new pages coming any day now.

You'll still find all the usual features and links that were on the old home page but not necessarily in the same place on the page.

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Back to March 1978...

In March 1978, 32 years ago almost to the day, the Observer Magazine published a double page spread of the Piranhas in their police uniforms. Weirdly, there was no accompanying article, just a paragraph of the usual police related cliches that journos love so much. But a great photomontage nevertheless. Download it

Next up this month is the Brighton fanzine Situation Butane (No.1) from 1980 which you can download in pdf format. This is absolutely packed with features. Among them an interview with Joe Strummer by our very own Stewy - what a coup for the lad!

There's also a piece on the Piranhas split with Virgin Records and many reviews of local bands including the Golinskis, Chefs, Ijax Allstars, Laughing Gass, the Same, Lillettes and Vaultage 79. Situation Butane was put together by Stewy, Robyn Banks and Jon Goode

More photos have arrived on punkdaddy's desk and have been uploaded to the site. Among them the Devils Dykes, Parrots and the Mockingbirds, whose song TV Drag has been added to the punkbrighton jukebox

10 years of
We're celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, lots of goodies lined up for the coming months.

Look out for Situation Butane No.2 featuring the second part of Joe Strummer's interview with Stewy, coming soon.

Boring Bob and the boys ham it up as cops in the Observer Mag, back in 1978

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