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Archive February 2008

Following on from last month's tastey free mp3's from the Vaultage 78 album, our latest offering is Vaultage 79, featuring tracks which are currently unavailable to purchase online. Next month we will be giving away free mp3's from Vaultage 80. When 78 came out the scene was just starting to happen, by the time 79 was in the shops, Brighton boasted well over 60 bands.

Anyone remember the dub reggae outfit Ijax Allstars? They featured two tracks on Vaultage 79, so we have built a page for them but have very little copy on the band, can anyone help? Have a listen while your at it.

Pictured below, the Piranhas made the Top Ten in 1980 with Tom Hark. Watch their performance on Top Of The Pops via this YouTube link. The release of Tom Hark was brought about after the band signed with Sire and Pete Waterman. It sold enough copies to earn a silver disc yet the band never made any money and were to split up soon after this seemingly successful venture. Whatever you think of the song, or the direction the band took, it still ranks as a fantastic achievement against all the odds. Not only that, it's still being sung on the terraces of football grounds all over the UK. Bob Grover later revamped the line up and had a follow up hit with Zambesi. By that time, the whole punk thing had drifted and many bands had already bitten the dust. Listen to our Piranhas mp3's to savour them at their best.

• The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March 2007 was set up in conjunction with Attrix Records to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March 07 Archive). If you have mp3's of your Brighton-based band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, keep sending them in. To download a full size, fairly high-res printable jpeg version of our 'Make Your Own CD Cover' go to the July 07 Archive

• Wherever you see the headphone button throughout the site, just click to access the free mp3 download page. Some band pages also have an existing short audio loop to give you a taste...

Above: original studio master tape box from the Vaultage 79 sessions. Click to enlarge
New! February 2008 Vaultage 79 mp3's
New band page! Ijax Allstars

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Stuart asks: has anyone out there got a recording of a BBC Radio One session the Piranhas taped for Mike Read, dated 15/9/1980? It features two unavailable songs ('Two Time Sally' and 'Anything')