About Laughing Gass

Paul Amey • Vocals
Steve Wilkes, Dave Bainbridge,
Barry Clifton, Mick Perrin • guitars
Steve Bray, Gez Griffin
Captain Scud (Phil Nash)
Den Woolmer • bass
Rob Wilkes (Steve's brother) • drums

Hi Pop- Pickers! Does anyone remember Laughing Gass? The dark underbelly of the Brighton music scene from 1976 to 1980. We used to practice at the Vault

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The band was originally formed on the Hollingbury estate of north Brighton with no art students or graduates in sight, which always made us feel somewhat apart from the main punk explosion. We all had drug problems, allegedly, and our gigs were a carnival of pushers and burglars and prostitutes and robbers of all descriptions.

On our day we were astounding but due to our chemical intake it was always a hit and miss deal if you came to one of our shows. We had a record out that was played by Annie Nightingale as well as St John of Peel. (It was called 'New Tart' and is retailing on the 'Vinyl Tap' rare records web site for £25!!! I think I still have a few in a box somewhere!)

We played all over Brighton, in London and our swansong was a near fatal tour of Amsterdam! We had a manager called Neal Dean who was something to do with that bong shop in Bond Street and also Miles Baigent helped run the band.

We hung out in the Basketmakers, The Heart and Hand (which became known as the Lung and Limb) as well as the Windsor.

Hope this might have jangled a few memories and for those of you who are interested. I am now serving as a terrible warning rather than a good example to my four kids! Much love to everyone who actually got of their arses and did something.
Barry Clifton

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Laughing Gass scrapbook

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