The Dodgems

The Dodgems Doug Potter sent us this in July 2003:

Punkbrighton continues from strength to strength. I thought you might be interested in using this news item from Black Box Recorder's web site at One Little Indian record label on the site.

BBR first issued their recording of 'Lord Lucan is Missing' on the USA version of their CD 'England Made Me' in 1999, and also as the b-side of a 7" single on Chrysalis. They also put it on their CD 'Worst of Black Box Recordrer' released in 2001

As you will see, BBR are releasing a recently recorded live version of 'Lucan'  on a CD single, together with 'The School Song' from their 'Passionoia' CD. The single is due out on One Little Indian at the end of the month (June).

I met the band and saw them perform at the Cockpit in Leeds in March, and they recorded the single a day or so later at the Mean Fiddler, London. It's amazing that Vaultage '78 is still making waves, and I must say it was spooky to see and hear 'Lucan' performed 23 years on by a band other than the Dodgems!

The BBR recording values do exceed those available in Paul Milo's front room, however the best recorded version of 'Lucan', for the John Peel Show, has rever been released (yet!)

I can give more fax + info re: BBR recordings, if you want.
Perhaps Punkbrighton surfers can contact their local radio stations and get 'Lucan' a few more radio plays.
best wishes Doug Potter
p.s. Has Punkbrighton thought of doing a complete discography of bands from the Brighton scene? I think there could be a lot of interest in one.

Ed's reply: There already is: click here

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