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The Lord Lucan saga continues. It's nearly 25 years since the peer's mysterious disappearance following the murder of his childrens' nanny, yet there have been few reported sightings of the man. Thanks to Brighton's very own Dodgems, the song Lord Lucan Is Missing lives on and a cover version is about to be released by Black Box Recorder.

Lord Lucan was also put out by the Dodgems as a single in 1980 on Criminal Records. Produced by the now-even-more-infamous Jonathan King, it got to number two in the NME Independent singles charts. It was originally released on the Vaultage 78 album under the Attrix Records label.

Former Dodgems vocalist and guitar player Doug Potter sent us a very detailed email concerning the latest incarnation of the song, click Doug's image opposite to read it in full.

Useful links: The Dodgems + Gallery | Vaultage '78

Click for Doug's mail
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