Dick Damage Diamond Jubilee 2012 Tee Shirts by punkdaddy

As a tribute to my old pal and bandmate Dick Damage, who sadly passed away in January 2011, I wanted to celebrate the jubilee by getting some of his words and images down on some Tee shirts.

Dick would have loved to have been around for the jubilee, He'd have really enjoyed the mass hysteria and street parties with his old friend and soulmate Tony Rebel Green.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tony, Ru and Val for their continued support and friendship. God save the Queen!

These shirts can also be purchased at
The Market Place shop in the Lanes
7-8 Meeting House Lane, BN1 1HB

T-shirt text is an extract from the song Mental Rebellion (words by DD, music by punkdaddy ©2007):

"...the Queen was washing in her bathroom
looking out the window at the Thames Barrier
I was thinking if you had icebergs
you could just slide them in and out of the space
so the queen could just float down the river
the icebergs could be slithered out of the way
so she could just slide along the river
seeing where she could go
into the Houses of Parliament
and slip through the back door
into where she belongs..."

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