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Archive September 2006

Last month I was fortunate to witness the return of Dick Damage at Brighton Registry Office, where he married Mary. Dick had been living in Lewes and working as Custodian of Newhaven Fort for the last 12 years. As you can see from his mugshot, he's hardly changed a bit - a little fuller, a bit more rounded and like all of us, he's a bit older, but essentially the same guy who wowed audiences around town back in the mad days of 70's Brighton punk.

I had the privilege of attending the wedding and the reception in Peacehaven, which was a hoot. Met his dad, his brothers and sisters and saw a few faces from the old days, it was a real blast from the past. What a good crowd they were too, two really nice families who made a stranger like me feel very welcome.

Meanwhile, Monsieur Damage has been busy writing a new batch of songs and told me of his intention to put a new band together, so watch out for some sort of announcement on this site in the coming weeks.

1979: The Story So Far: continues from our August issue:

NF Get Busy Around Town

Following on from the death of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, several more shops that sold the magazine Brighton Voice were attacked by 'persons unknown'. Brighton Voice catered for various political and non-political groups around town and highlighted important issues that weren’t being dealt with sympathetically by any of the established media.

The magazine covered abortion rights, pensioners' issues, women’s groups, trade unions and organizations, women’s lib and lesbian groups, and offered support to the low-paid and the Whitehawk and Manor Farm Community Association. It was written by local people for local people, who had no other way of airing their concerns. It was produced at the Resource Centre, where many of these groups held meetings. It looked odds-on that the Resource Centre and the magazine were being targeted by the far-right because they supported the Troops Out Movement (British soldiers had been on the streets of Ulster for nearly ten years).

To be continued next month...

Does anyone out there have any photos or blurb on the Poison Girls or the Dandies? If so, please email us.

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Dick Damage makes a welcome return to Brighton, gets married to Mary and declares his intention to put a new band together. Click on his mug to see more Damage photos.