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Golinski Brother joins SDP!
Thanks to Peter Chrisp who sent us this e-mail:

The Golinski Brothers were Darris (Dave Harries):vocals; Bob Golinski: guitar; Will Gibbs and Alan Bines: saxophones; Ollie Crook:bass; and Tom Beattie:drums. Darris went into politics, and joined the new SDP. Bob played twangy guitar for Captain JJ.Waller's strongman act before becoming a nurse. Alan has a gardening business in North London.
On Joby and the Hooligans, Joby's most memorable song was Mary Bell, about the child murderer. It went: Mary Bell's in a prison cell/ She's been there half her life/ One day I'm gonna bust her out/ And take her for my wife/ Cos she's good with kids! Joby looked great on stage, but had a very weedy singing voice.
What about Dick Damage and Smeggy and the Cheesy Bits? Dick's bands had several names (e.g. The Undersea World of Dick Damage), but he always appeared in his trademark stained white lab coat. Smeggy went on to form King Kurt, the offal-throwing psychobilly band.

Darris- from punk to politics -
up yours!
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