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Archive March 2006

1978: continued from our February issue:

If you were an avid Evening Argus reader you would think that there was not a single local punk band in town. The paper seemed to have a policy of keeping them strictly out of the news, apart from reporting the stabbing to death of a fan at a Depressions gig in Preston, and a brief mention that the band had released their first album and the single, Get Out Of This Town.

Which was farcical, as this in itself was a milestone for Brighton’s alternative music scene. And by now there was a whole new wave of Brighton bands and punk venues, which were bursting at the seams. There was a lot happening under the surface.

The Piranhas pulled off a bit of a coup by getting themselves featured in a full colour double-page spread in the Observer magazine, no less. They still hadn’t made a record, but there was one in the offing. Over the next few months Attrix Records was to establish itself as the town’s first exclusively punk and new wave record label. And at long last, an album of Brighton bands was being put together under the title of Vaultage 78. To be continued...

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