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Archive February 2006

1978: continued from our January issue:

Hard to believe that by January of 1978, the Pistols had already split up. During their tour of the States, in what was to be their last live gig, Rotten decided enough was enough. In California, he said his famous last words "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?'" quit the band and headed off for New York.

The Brighton bands certainly had some catching up to do. Apart from the Depressions and Joe Cool & the Killers, no band had yet got on to vinyl. There was plenty of action going on but it was literally underground. At the Vault, an increasing number of bands rehearsed and put on gigs. Around town, the punk scene was on the rise and attracting a bigger following, particularly the Depressons and the Piranhas.

In February of 1978, there was the 'big freeze-up'. The coldest February day since 1963 was recorded, with the whole country in the grip of the worst snowstorms and blizzards 'in 30 years'. Even the Shoreham by-pass was closed and Brighton & Hove practically ground to a halt. In actual fact, over 40 countries were iced up. But for a whole new wave of Brighton bands, this was to turn out to be the year it all started to come together.
To be continued...

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