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Archive June 2007

Due to the increasing army of spammers out there, from now on punkbrighton will not be publishing email addresses, unless you specifically ask to have yours posted (if you want others to be able to reply to you) So humble apologies to all those who have been getting hit with spam through this site. As of now, all our 'Best email' pages have been purged of addresses, right back to Year 2000.

To celebrate 30 years of punk and drink to another 30, here's a message to all the sneaky web crawlers out there, imitating all the worst aspects of the big-business fishing industry with their 'couldn't-give-a-fuck-suck-'em-all-up' attitude, for their tacky mailing lists, well bollocks to you! Large ones.

And by the way, we've had loads of mail this month, so cheers to all for that, much appreciated. Keep it coming, I'll get some beers in! Thanks also to all of you who recently sent in photos, posters, record sleeves, mp3's etc. Fantastic. Most of it is up already but will try to get it all up on the site as soon as possible. Again, keep it coming.

• Author Alex Ogg and his publishers Cherry Red sent us a copy of his book No More Heroes, A Complete History of UK Punk from 1976-80, which will be reviewed by punkdaddy next month. It features a lot of Brighton bands from this site and is well worth a read. Watch this space.

• The launch of our free mp3 downloads page in March was set up in conjunction with Stuart Jones and Julie Blair of Attrix Records, to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March Archive) If you have mp3's of your band (1976-81) and you want them uploaded, send 'em in. In April we posted Stuart's new Album Reviews. After kicking off with Joe Jackson's Look Sharp and XTC's GO2, Stu continues this month with Bill Nelson's Red Noise album, Sound On Sound.

• We're always looking to build new pages for Brighton artists and bands from the punk era. If you played in a band that isn't included on this site, get it online by sending in photos, cuttings, blurb, line-up, posters etc. whatever and we'll do the rest. I'm good to you lot.

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An autogrpahed back sleeve of the Attrix Records single Jilly b/w Coloured Music by the Piranhas and the Executives Shy Little Girl. Sent in by Julian Baker

Wherever you see this button throughout the site, just click to access the free mp3 download page. Some band pages also have an existing short audio loop.

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