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Archive June 2006

1978: continued from our May issue:

On release of the first Attrix Records' album, Vaultage 78, John Peel journeyed to Brighton and gave the local bands' compilation a great review. Soon to follow him was Garry Bushell, then writing for Sounds. He too wrote a very positive review of the album. To read it, click here or his ugly mug opposite.

Featured on the LP were Nicky & the Dots, the Dodgems. Devil's Dykes, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, The Parrots, The Vitamins and of course The Piranhas. Click on the punk bands button to check out all these artists.

In August '77, Elvis Presley died, from an overdose of cocaine and barbiturates, aged 42. He was the same age as Jet Black of the Stranglers, who was very much alive and kicking on the drums at that time.

Peter & The Test Tube Babies wrote their deadpan tribute Elvis Is Dead. "Elvis had a heart attack / cos he got too bleeding fat / he weighed nearly half a ton / he looked more like a pregnant mum / and Elvis is dead, Elvis is dead, Elvis is dead, Elvis is dead!"

The Piranhas and the Dodgems also had a jokey element to their songs. Taking the piss came right to the fore and it was one of the factors that made living in Brighton such a laugh. Nothing was sacred, there was a sense of frivolous anarchy not experienced since the 'summer of love' a decade before.

The Piranhas chipped in with the hilarious I Don't Want My Body ('...it looks like a reject from an Oxfam poster...") while the Dodgems came up with the classic Lord Lucan Is Missing and I Don't Care: "...on the mat was another brown letter / Seeboard says 'fuel-cost adjustment' / 10% - it's nicely put that way / but it's just another bill I can't afford to pay! / but, I don't care..!"

To be continued..

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Hot on the heels of John Peel and not wishing to be outdone, Garry Bushell of Sounds legged it to Brighton to check out the local scene. Click his mug to read his review.