Archive June 2004
Stuart Jones Memoirs & Reviews

A bulging postbag for May includes another call for a punk re-union gig from Jay Butler, one-time manager of the Chefs. Can we raise any more enthusiasm for a one-off Brighton punk gig? There's already been some interest. It could be that Midnight & the Lemon Boys may re-form for such an event. What say you, fellow Brighton punkers?

There's still plenty of the old faces round the town, don't be shy, lads! Any bands or individuals interested, contact Jay or email this site by clicking the feedback button.

Many thanks again to Willi Kerr from the Curst Sons for his photos of Daddy Yum Yum. We have built a page on the band and he's now given us further info: the band's line-up and some blurb to go with it. Click the Yum Yum image to visit their page.

Click for Daddy Yum Yum
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