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In response to our request for any info on Midnight & the Lemon Boys, former singer Marcus Myers got in touch and sent us some interesting stuff on himself and the band.

Also with the KempTown Rockers, and later with the Test Tube Babies and Then jericho, Marcus says the Lemon Boys toured with U2, the Photos and the Lambrettas, among others. It's amazing to think that such a fine, talented band never committed any tracks to vinyl.

This has't stopped us from going ahead and building a Lemon Boys page, which features Marcus' in-depth email. Check it out.

Marcus says he has no photos of the band, but that former manager Simon 'Watto' Watson may have some tucked away. Along with some old demos, possibly. Are you out there, Watto?

And so, since our last report on her fate, see Archives, the West Pier is no more. Now just a rusted steel skeleton is all that rermains of the famous Old Lady of Brighton. No doubt, there are those who are pleased at this outcome...oh bondage, up yours!

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