Archive April 2003

No, this aint Baghdad, man, this is Brighton 2003 and the West Pier's final, sad demise. A stray cruise missile, perhaps? More 'friendly fire'? A very fishy business, if you ask me. Are there various vested interests at work here, which we briefly covered on our last front page? This blaze was on top of the recent storm damage that almost did for the grand old lady of Brighton. Will there now be a public enquiry? Do the police have any leads? Does anyone in authority give a toss?

Thanks to Raal Harris for his excellent photo (top) and to Venla at Brighton's (bottom) for her revealing shot of the fire on the pier. Click on the images opposite to check out the back of the dude's jacket. Getrfank MD Jim Bifford assured us this was 'not a Photoshop job' and that the jacket was for real! More fish, anyone?

Meanwhile, many thanks also to Gary Turner and Jonathan Sussams who sent us some new blurb and photos of the Dodgems and Fan Club respectively. Great stuff, you guys. Gary of course was the singer and bassist with the Dodgems and Jonathan, who mainly played bass for Fan Club, and numerous other bands, has included some reviews and written his own glowing tribute to the band.

Read Stuart Jones Attrix Memoirs
Former Chef's manager Stuart Jones has concluded his 9-part Memoirs, but it was so popular that the man has started his series of reviews of great punk and new wave albums of the period.

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