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One of the best songs to come from the Vaultage 79 album was the Golinski Brothers' inspirational 'Bloody'. Everyone was singing it and it had some great one- liners: 'I wanna go where they've never seen snow/ send my giro to Cairo'.

By rights, it should have been some sort of a hit. But nevertheless, the song is still one of Brighton's finest from the punk days. The Golinski's did a lot of gigs, mainly as a support band and they had some other good tunes. Where are they now? Click on the image for more on the Golinski Bros.

The Fashion & Style Gallery, upstairs at the newly-refitted Brighton Museum, eventually opened on schedule last month, as told in these pages. went along to have a look at the 'renegade fashion' section and particularly the 'computer terminal', which is basically just a touch-screen.I'd just located the Piranhas and Lillettes pages when the fire alarm went off and we were all ushered out of the building like a bunch of naughty schoolkids. Nothing we trooped past the kitchen there was the not unfamiliar smell of burnt toast...

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The Golinski Brothers deserved some kind of hit with the release of 'Bloody'
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