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Archive December 2006

'1979: The Story So Far' continues from our October issue.

Following the firebombing of Infinity Foods, the spate of local attacks continued. A meeting of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, packed with 300 people, was disrupted by a gang of youths ‘dressed all in black’ who waded in and attacked several people. The proprietor of Infinity was assaulted for displaying ‘communist leaflets’. A Hove man was fined for the attack. The Argus offices were once more the subject of protest, this time by Gay Rights supporters whose placards proclaimed ‘Sexist Argus’. Where was it all going? Everyone had a colossal beef about something.

Two more punk bands announced they would release an EP which would feature two tracks from each. The Executives, with Shy Little Girl and Never Go Home and Jonny & the Lubes with I Got Rabies and Terror In The Parking Lot. Taking a lead from Rick Blair at Attrix, Jonny Condom from the Lubes explained how it came about: “So, how to make a record? Well actually, that was the simplest thing of all. I went to see a bloke who had already done it and all we had to do was follow his schedule”.

This ‘make your own record’ lark was catching on. Fan Club announced they too were going to cut an EP with three other bands, The Accents, The Chefs and the Kemp Town Rockers. I can’t actually recall this EP ever seeing the light of day.

Fan Club and the Dodgems lost £3,000 worth of kit when their arches in the Vault were burgled. Security was non-existent, but this break-in led to many of the bands strengthening their arch doors with multiple padlocks.

The Piranhas popularity was on the up and up. So much so, their Sunday night residency at the Alhambra, where they had played to a packed house for over a year, was soon to end. The venue simply wasn’t big enough to cope with the number of fans who turned up hoping to see them each weekend. Their last gig there was a typical barnstormer.

To be continued...next month: Vaultage 79 gets an airing.

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• Johnny Morris of the Executives, who
• The Executives released an EP with Jonny & The Lubes prior to the forthcoming Attrix Records album, Vaultage 79 .

• Brighton's high tempo, high energy band Deadbeat Descendant play the Albert on Thurs 14th November. A night of intense enjoyment awaits you.