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Many thanks to Rod Johnson who sent us some info and photos on Wrist Action. Rod also included an mp.3 of the song This Town, so check out the audio loop on the Wrist Action page (click Pete Smith's image opposite to go).

Wrist Action were one of the original early Brighton punk bands. Phil Perfect, former guitarist with Flesh, recalled how the two bands would paste over each other's flyers on various locations around the town. "We'd put up a flyer for a Flesh gig and before long the Wrist Action boys would paste their flyers over the top. So then we'd sneak out and paste ours back over theirs! This went on for quite a while, but it was just a bit of healthy rivalry. In fact we played a good few gigs together, mostly at the Vault."

Drummer Mark Passi and guitarist Pete Smith were later part of Fan Club after Wrist Action split in December 1977. If anyone out there has any Fan Club photos or info, we'd appreciate hearing from you, and will build a page in due course.

Pete Smith, guitar player with Wrist Action. Click to go

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