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Archive April 2007

The launch of our free mp3 downloads page last month was set up in conjunction with Stuart Jones and Julie Blair of Attrix Records, to commemorate 30 years of punk (see our March Archive).

If you were in any of the bands featured on this site or were in any Brighton punk or new wave band between 1976 and 1981 and have a track in mp3 format you would like uploaded, please contact us.

If your band doesn't already appear on this site and you think it should, supply us with your line-up and a short biography, plus a photo or two and we will happily build a page. Can't say fairer than that.

To continue our celebration of 30 years of punk, Stuart Jones has come up with a new series of Reviews, this time concentrating on some of the best of the post-punk bands nationwide.

These will appear as monthly additions to the site, featuring such luminaries as Magazine, XTC, Bill Nelson, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello and more. Many thanks to Stu for his initiative in getting all of these together and supplying the album covers and photos.

I'm sure the new reviews will be up to his usual top quality standard. Stuart kicks off his first in this issue with Joe Jackson's highly-rated 1979 album Look Sharp.

This album came out at a time the whole punk and new wave scene was broadening out and starting to become absorbed in the mainstream. The Pistols had already split up and Sid Vicious was dead. The Stranglers and Ian Dury had headlined shows at the Brighton Centre. It was all going big-time.

• Next issue, Stuart reviews the XTC album, Go 2.

• Also next month: 1980: 'The Story So Far' continues from our February issue...

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• Stuart Jones kicks off his new post-punk revews with Joe Jackson's 1979 album, Look Sharp.

• Wherever you see this button throughout the site, just click to access the free mp3 download page. Some band pages also have an existing short audio loop.

• Watch punkdaddy's interview with the BBC

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