No.10 concludes Stuart's Post-Punk reviews

Let’s concentrate on what happened directly after punk’s fiery explosion had passed over the globe back in 1977. The new music was at times as frenetic as its incendiary predecessor but there was now almost a 'taking stock' attitude, a feeling that 'now we’ve grabbed your attention, let’s do something a bit more interesting with it' than simply yelling and ensuring the tracks are over in one minute. No. 1 | Joe Jackson • Look Sharp
No. 2 | XTC • GO2
No. 3 | Bill Nelson • Sound On Sound
No. 4 | Young Marble Giants • Colossal Youth
How the die-hard punks must have dreaded it, that feared thing, musical progression! Synthesizers, keyboards, a slower pace, more in-depth arrangements, much more varied and creative lyrics. Was it such a disaster? Personally I don’t think so, and it's only now that this fascinating period (1978–1981) is being discussed at any length, with at least one major book publication on the subject and of course the sudden influence of bands such as XTC, Magazine etc., on the new guitar groups of today. With all this in mind then, let me take you on a journey through ten more of my reviews dealing with what are in my opinion the classics of that time. No. 5 | The Only Ones • Baby's Got A Gun
No. 6 | The Zones • Under Influence
No. 7 | Elvis Costello • Trust
No. 8 | Magazine • Secondhand Daylight
No. 9 | Monochrome Set • Love Zombies
No. 10 | Stu's post-punk Compilation

If you are too young to have been around then and are largely unaware of these records, please take a few minutes. If you get bored shitless and peruse these reviews, you may discover some of the finest albums you’re likely to hear in your lifetime.

Stuart Jones March 2007