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Archive April 2006

1978: continued from our March issue:

Attrix Records, set up by Rick Blair, had got the ball rolling when Rick released his own single, Hard Times b/w Lost Lenore by his band Attrix. A taste for making records led to Rick borrowing money with the idea of putting together a Brighton compliation LP. Punk had taken off and there were so many bands springing up. Most of them were centred at the Vault, but all over Brighton and Hove people were getting together and not just listening to the new music, but making their own.

The Depressions, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Nicky & the Dots, the Dodgems and of course the Piranhas were particularly active at this time and were to form the basis of Rick's new venture, to be called Vaultage 78 (Two Sides of Brighton).

The Depressions were never part of the Attrix stable of bands. They had their own thing going and were doing well, getting plenty of gigs, writing lots of songs and generally getting their music out there. Their first single Family Planning b/w Living On Dreams was doing well in the Independent charts.

The Piranhas were working hard, doing lots of gigs and expanding their live set. They had a hard core of fans and were steadily building up a following. The coming months would be a busy time for all concerned. There was a real buzz around town. Something was happening at last. To be continued...

Deadbeats off to Big Apple
'Descent On New York'

Year 2006: Brighton's very own Deadbeat Descendant are off to New York to play 3 dates in April. What's the definition of cool? No idea, but landing at Newark airport at 3 in the afternoon and sound checking at The Lit lounge Manhatten Island at 7 is a good start for a Brighton band with a handful of dates under their belt.

It all began when a young descendant resident of the Americas walked into a New York bar with a CD in his hand, he convinced the bar-keep to play said CD and the reaction amongst the old colonials led to them offering Deadbeat Descendant a coveted slot at Arlene's Grocery (tTuesday April 25th). At this time the comrades of the Deadbeats were incredulous however, believing the chances of them organising such a campaign akin to relieving themselves in the Queen's handbag. A flurry of messages from New Yorkers on the band's MySpace and some most descendant work from our American cousins led to more dates being offered, the descent on New York quickly became inevitable.

Click here for Vaultage 78
Ken Hogg's drawing of the pier on the back cover is strangely prophetic

Click here for Deadbeats

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