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Our August one-off compilation CD compettition wasn't wildy oversubscribed, what the hell, let's face it, competitions are generally naff anyway.
The answers:
1. Helen McCookerybook /2. Virgin /3. Mick Perrin /4. Smeggy & the Cheesey Bits

In the current climate, with the Hutton thang in full flow, we may be open to claims of a shady inside job. The reason for this is that the first name out of the hat (wastepaper basket, as it happens) was the former Dodgems guitarist Doug Potter (right). Jammy git. Anyway, thanks to all the competitors and better luck next time, if there is one.

On notification of his success, Doug sent us this email:
"Greetings punkdaddy - I'm overwhelmed! The only thing I ever won before was a plastic wallet for not coming first in an Eagle comic competition. Of course I now feel really guilty about all the people I have stopped from owning this rare artifact. By winning. Ho hum. Perhaps I could do a review of the CD for Punkbrighton to let people know just how fantastic it is - especially the track from the Dodgems' Lost Tapes - "My First Divorce". Now that I'm famous perhaps my ex-Dodgem chum Gary will get in touch. Cheers, Doug."

So there you have it, straight form the horse's mouth. We shall of course be holding Doug to his promised review of the CD, watch this space.

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