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Could it be that Brighton's very own Boring Bob Grover will finally become a TV celeb? This site has been contacted by BBC 2's Samantha Ball asking if Bob would like to appear on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, hosted by Mark Lamarr and featuring such luminaries of the celeb circuit as Phill Jupitus and the incomparable Bill Bailey.

It's an all-expenses paid trip plus transport/accomodation, plus a payment. So this is where your TV Licence fee goes! Will Bob accept? Has he had enough fame already? Does he still crave the spotlight? All these years later and the demand for Brighton's Piranhas shows no signs of letting up, following Q Magazine's feature on the band this month (see below)

This site spoke to the man himself and, as modest as ever, Bob informed us he had politely declined BBC 2's most generous offer. Now that's impressive, as most people would sell their granny to get on TV. Good for you, Bob. Oi, and Up Yours, BBC! (Ed)

Piranhas featured in September Q Magazine
Johnny Black of Q magazine has written a piece on the Piranhas in his 'Where Are They Now' section of the September issue. Look out for the transcripts of his chats with all the boys, coming soon to this web site.

Boring Bob Grover - the former Piranhas front man says no to the BBC
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