Archive November 2003

This site is about the punk history of Brighton, so it's unusual for us to feature a current band here. In these days of relentlessly manufactured, pre-packaged musical junk, it is refreshing to find that the true Spirit of '77 lives on in the shape of Brighton's very own Teasing LuLu.

A hard-working three piece trio, these girls combine lyrics laden with attitude with powerful, hooky tunes that you can't get out of your head. Wrap all this up with a highly charged stage presence and you have no reason not to get off your arse and go see them.

As well as headline gigs, they have also supported old punkers The Damned, Penetration and Chelsea. They also played Punk Aid 2003 supporting The Dead Kennedys and other luminaries of the Punk world. They have a great website - - so check out their local gigs there.

Teasing LuLu have taken the original spirit of PunkBrighton and dropped it right into the 21st century - and that's why they're here. Lucy, Serena & Louisa aim to be "the most kick ass girl band the UK has ever seen."  Good on ya, gals.

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