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Part 9 of Stuart Jones' Attrix memoirs is the final and concluding part of his highly entertaining and informative story of the rise and fall of Attrix Records, both as an independent record label and as it's retail outlet, the local shop on Sydney Street.

We have had some very complimentary e-mails from readers of Stuart's regular monthly feature and he has become an important contributor to this site, cheers Stu! is delighted to announce that Stuart will continue to write for this site on a regular basis. Watch out for his forthcoming column.

Read the final and concluding part of his Attrix Memoirs by clicking on his mug opposite. Check out the Attrix Records page to see more new photos. Click the feedback button to send us your comments on Stuart's Attrix Memoirs.

Click on the What's New or Punk Bands buttons above to find recent additional material on Wrist Action, one of the very first punk bands in Brighton. Thanks to the guys for sending it in, hopefully there will be some photos of the band coming soon.

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Former right-hand man to Rick Blair at Attrix
Records, Stuart Jones wrote and produced local fanzine Situation Butane back in 1980. He was also manager of the Chefs and later, Birds With Ears.
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Stuart Jones - a stirling body of work
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