Archive May 2004
Stuart Jones Memoirs & Reviews

Thanks again for two more hefty contributions to this site. Jon Dead Fish, formerly of Jonny & the Lubes (that's him standing next to another angelic upstart, Dick Damage, on Brighton seafront in 1978). Click the image to go the new Lubes page.

Besides this gem, Jon also supplied us with a rare pic of Joby (of the Hooligans). If only mobiles had been around in those days.

Also thanks to Paul (Kaz) for the promise of some more old punk memorabilia in the near future. Paul used to run Fine Records and later, Megawatz in Preston Street. All you Brightonians must remember both those shops which always had the latest stuff.

So keep it coming gals and geezers. You can read both emails by clicking the button above. While we're at it, anyone got any guff on Slaves of Janet?

Click for the Lubes
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