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Former Fan Club bassist Jonathan Sussams recently sent us a fantastic amount of stuff on the band, including a whole bunch of photos, in fact we had to construct a Fan Club Gallery to accomodate them. His in-depth appraisal and inclusion of several reviews make for very interesting reading. Click his image opposite to read it in full and visit the Gallery.

Until Jonathan came up with the goods, we had a very minimalist page on the band, with just a couple of photocopied pictures and virtually no text. Now, the Fan Club page is one of the most comprehensive of any of the band pages. So, many thanks, JS.

In a recent e-mail, Jonathan claimed, with some justification, that Fan Club were 'the best Brighton band of the first half of '79'. Being a former member he's obviously biased towards his own band, but we'd like to know if you agree, or perhaps you'd like to nominate your own personal favourite from '79? Maybe The Vandells, Chefs, Lillettes, Golinski Bros or Woody & the Splinters, to name but a few? Or from any time between 1976-81. e-mail us with your nominations. If you can be arsed, click the feedback button.

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