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Thanks a million to Baz (Barry Clifton) for emailing us with some comprehensive blurb on his former band, Laughing Gass. As a tribute to his endeavours, we have a built a page for the band. Shame we don't have any photos, maybe someone can oblige?

Laughing Gass were a band that really rocked. They started out in the Vault. with the imposing figure of Paul Amey at the mic, belting out a mixture of bluesy rock and hard driving punk, Baz doing some blinding solos on the axe. With Rob Wilkes on the drums and Den Woolmer on bass, plus Mick Perrin on guitar, this was one tight combo. Mick was soon to be spirited away to form Flesh and then the LIllettes. Later he graduated to the Reward System.

Laughing Gass also spawned another generation of musicians: Paul's son Dylan and Jamie Barnard forming the Tin Lids in their early teens, with Paul as thier manager.

Baz was always a bit of virtuoso on the guitar, while Mick was a talented songwriter, guitarist and bass player too. Click on his mugshot opposite to go to the new Laughing Gass page.

Click for Gass
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