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The following extract was taken from the sleeve insert of the first Attrix album, Vaultage 78. I think the author must have been Mr. Attrix himself, the late Rick Blair. Rick was also a talented singer. songwriter and guitarist with first Attrix (the band), the Parrots and later Vol Sec.

Demystifying the process in 19 easy-to-understand stages:
8am: Get up, have breakfast (coffee and dodos). Find some local bands that appeal to you. Get hold of some cash (lean on a Securicor van). Selct some tracks that have been recorded (make sure the master tapes are prepared for disc cutting). Find someone to design a label, have them printed (allow for overs due to production loss). Organise where to have albums pressed (suggest Orlake Ltd, Dagenham). Allow 6 weeks waiting for album. Order sleeves, decide whether you want to print them yourself, which works out cheaper (West Brothers, Wimbledon). Apply for mechanical Copyright clearance on your recording (01-769-3181). Get yourself some more dodos.

Find a studio that does a tape-to-disc preparation service (Graphic Sound Studio, Catford). Have the tapes cut onto a master disc (Utopia Studio). Arrange to have master disc pressed (Orlake). Minimise the time between the last two stages due to disc deterioration. Sort out some promotional guff to help sell the album. Find some sympathetic distribution outlets (try Rough Trade, Small Wonder, Virgin, local record shops. Send out some promotional copies (Tony Blackburn, Jimmy Young ha ha). Get your money back. Put EMI out of business. Get your radio on. 11pm: Get yourself to bed.

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