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Helen McCookerybook, formerly singer, songwriter and bassist with the Chefs, is returning to Brighton for a gig with her re-formed band Helen & the Horns. They will be supported by Jamie McDermott and the Irrepressibles at the Komedia in Gardner Street on June 23rd.

Helen started out playing bass with Joby & the Hooligans, once described as 'the worst band in Brighton' before leaving with Carl Evans (guitar) to form the Chefs with James McCallum (guitar) and Russell Greenwood (drums). In 1979 the Chefs tracks 'Food' and 'You Get Everywhere' were featured on the Attrix label compilation album Vaultage 79.

The single '24 Hours' reached No.10 in the Independent Charts and there followed a few John Peel sessions before the band split in 1981. Helen later teamed up with trombonist Dave Jago and sax player Paul Davey to form the Horns. Helen says she ditched her 'charity shop androgyny' in favour of 'a kind of psychedelic Doris Day'!

After a brief stint with major label, RCA, Helen formed her own label, Rockin' Ray Records and released her own 24-track album Helen McCookerybook, which features some old Chefs songs along with all the best from Helen & the Horns.

Provocateurs new CD 'Unrequited' out soon

Helen & the Horns play the Komedia on 22 June 05

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