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In the heady days of punk, when the Alhambra was rocking with countless new Brighton bands, you could have been rubbing shoulders with a young Harry Enfield, who was a frequent visitor to the now defunct venue. How many people remember Harry supporting the Clash on tour? He was bottled off the stage at one gig.

Punkbrighton spoke at length recently to Mick Perrin, former Lillettes bassist. Mick now promotes Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Ardal O'Hanlon and Tina C, to name but a few, and his recollections of those early punk days make fascinating reading.

With Alexi Sayle and Ben Elton's stand-up routines ushering in a new generation of alternative comics, this was clearly part of a wider movement. The punk ethos of 'get up and do it' applied to these new comedy acts in the same way. They had something new to say and a new way of saying it.

Extracts from Mick's punkbrighton interview will be published on this site over the coming months. Click the link to find out more about Mick at

Golinski Bros/John Peel/Channel 4Channel 4 got in touch recently - they want to know if anyone out there has any live footage of the Golinski Bros doing 'Bloody'. This is for a documentary they are doing about the late, great John Peel. If you know of anything that might be relevent, email us

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