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So far there has been some reponse to our quest for a post-punk Brighton gig, featuring some of the artists of the time. Punk Brighton to hit the road?

As well as surviving members of the Lemon Boys, Helen from the Chefs (pictured right) and Robin and Phil from the Lillettes, have all expressed an interest. Any other artists/bands that wish to get something together, contact us on the feedback button above.

And so, another bulging postbag for June. Check out a very comprehensive email from Steve Fairhead, who 'fills in a few gaps' in the Punk History of Brighton. Well done Steve, keep it coming if there's more.

Also. Paul Kaczmarek's 'punk memoirs' are coming soon to this site. Paul covers the scene in Brighton from '74 through to '78, which pre-dates most of what is already in this site, so should make very interesting reading. Watch this space for further details.

Click for the Chefs
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