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A fine piece of punk wit and wisdom if ever there was. Especially useful for people who like to make new year's resolutions and all that. This gem for our headline was filched from the 1981 Brighton Bands Calender. It was a footnote written in longhand on a photo of the band Vol Sec. To see the actual picture GO or click on the image of singer Brenda opposite. This was on the December page, which also featured the Ammonites

Back in those days, one third of the profits on any sales of the calender were donated to the Brighton & Hove Community Resource Centre, which had been been burnt down in well-dodgy circumstances the previous year. Nobody was ever brought to book over the fire, which was plainly arson. If the Resource Centre had been situated in Dyke Road Avenue, maybe we would have got a result, who knows?

Finally, a happy new year and all the best for 2005 - and thanks to everyone who contributed to and visited this site in 2004 and over the last four years. You make this site what it is. Another 12 months in prospect then, so keep those emails coming in and make sure you do your best to get your dancing boots on at least once in a while.

Click for Vol Sec
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