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Old pals re-united thanks to punkbrighton website

Keyboard player Robin Banks contacted the site to ask why he was not included in the Lillettes. Well Robin, we hadnt forgotten you. We just hadnt got round to you yet. Robin met up with fellow Lillettes Phil and Barb after twenty-odd years, thanks to this very site!

Phil: "Robin started turning up at gigs wherever the band played, sometimes bringing his whole family with him. Eventually he joined the band and played on the studio versions of Nervous Wreck and Hey Operator which were featured on the Vaultage 79 album."

1977 : Some of the things they said:

"Punk is all about intelligent people trying to be stupid" a Piranha

"Up yours!!" a punk

"Apathy in the Uk"
Lillettes song

Robin Banks
Robin Banks: 20 years back and wearing the badge
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