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Stuart Jones Memoirs & Reviews

Our man Stuart Jones was surprised to discover a hidden gem while clearing out his loft the other day. We can exclusively reveal that on closer inspection a box labelled 'old stuff' contained plenty of, well, old stuff. But also an original test pressing of The Piranhas' debut LP on Attrix Records!

The pressing (which is a proper vinyl record and not an acetate) was still housed in its original monochrome sleeve. The disc, one of only four, and its cover, are both in pristine condition. Of course, these songs were re-recorded with a bigger budget for the monolithic Warner Communications company. The Attrix material (thumbnails opposite), was ordered to be destroyed as part of the deal. However! At least one sleeve from that original Attrix batch has survived for 23 years, in Stuart's loft. This recording was not released until 1997, when it was finally issued on CD by Anagram Records.

The original cover, by an art student who called himself simply 'J', was not included on that re-release. You'll see that numbers appear on the front cover. This was a game, set by the band's management. The idea was that anyone had the option to colour-in the picture, the best entry earning a prize for the winner. To read a bit more about this, check out parts four and five of Stu's Attrix Memoirs

We are proud to present, for the first time anywhere in the world, this authentic artwork, until now never seen in public! If you are the owner of a copy of the re-issued 1997 Anagram CD, why not download these cover images and create your very own Piranhas album sleeve? 
What could be more punk than that?

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